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Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA)

A Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) is established at LNBTI to oversee Quality assurance activities at Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) in compliance with the University Grants Commission (UGC) Circular No 04/2015, with a view of creating a culture that continually improves the quality of all academic and other activities at LNBTI.  

The CQA works in collaboration with the Non-State Higher Education Division (NSHED) of the Ministry of Education (MoE) of Sri Lanka. 

Strategic Goals of LNBTI CQA

  • To improve the learning, teaching, research, and working environment up to the national and international standards with particular emphasis in Japan.
  • To advance student success and developments.
  • To enrich and expand academic programs to suit the national/international guideline.
  • To develop the organizational infrastructure and human resource requirements.

Functions of CQA

  • Conduct all activities related to Internal Quality Assurance of LNBTI.
  • Support with the external quality assurance, assessment and accreditation requirements.
  • Foster quality assurance activities of LNBTI by conducting/ coordinating workshops, and other relevant activities.
  • Collaborate with the Non-State Sector Higher Education Division (NSHED) of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoE) and other external quality assurance bodies, on matters pertaining to QA and accreditation.
  • Develop, review and revise by laws and standard operational procedures necessary for the LNBTI.
  • Administer and analyze internal QA data such as peer review forms and student feedback forms.
  • Work with other related committees and units within LNBTI on matters related to QA.

Composition of the Quality Assurance Committee of LNBTI

  • Chair – Vice Chancellor
  • Invitees from the Council
  • Director CQA
  • Senior Registrar
  • Manager CQA
  • Academic Advisor
  • Head of IT department
  • Secretary – Secretary to the committee of CQA
  • Program coordinators – Software Engineering Degree Program Coordinator, University of Greenwich Degree Program Coordinator, and Japanese Language Program Coordinator
  • Registrar
  • Assistant Registrar Examination
  • Director Admission
  • Network Administrator
  • Administration manager
  • Counsellor

Student Achievements

Information Technology

Software Engineering

Kushini Hathurusinghe

Information Technology Student

“In my 3rd year at LNBTI, I was faced with the tough decision of choosing my transfer university. But thanks to the guidance and support of the faculty I decided upon Future University of Hakodate. The lecture panel has to be credited with the support I needed to prepare for my entrance exam which I’m happy to say I passed! Right now I’m in the midst of my 6 year internship at hSenid Mobile Solutions which is a great opportunity to apply what I have learned into practice. I’m hoping to major in Natural Language Processing and AI subjects. LNBTI has helped me immensely in making my dream a reality. “

Kumudrie Goonetilleke

Information Technology Student

“ I have always been interested in pursuing IT in the fields of AI and Cyber Security. It was then that I heard about LNBTI which offers a broad scope of higher diploma programs which build the foundation for me to select these specialized subjects. But apart from regular academics, what sets LNBTI apart from other institutions is how we learn the Japanese language, receive exposure to Japanese culture almost dailyand also experience guest lectures in Japanese by Japanese professors. This integrated learning experience eventually makes for an easy transition to an actual Japanese University.”

Miyuru Chanith Kularathne

Software Engineering

LNBTI has partnered with many renowned Japanese universities and follows Japanese education standards to create a pathway for aspiring and ambitious IT professionals.

Ravindu Sankha Wijeyawardhana

Software Engineering

"I’m a final year student at the University of Aizu in Japan, currently specialising in Computer Science and Engineering . It is all thanks to LNBTI and it's amazing panel of lecturers that I was able to do really well in LNBTI degree pathway, which paved the way for me to get a scholarship from the University of Aizu and the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT). Thank you LNBTI once again, for providing us with a good foundation, which let me pursue my dreams in great confidence.diploma, which paved the way for me to get a scholarship from the University of Aizu and the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT). Thank you LNBTI once again, for providing us with a good foundation, which let me pursue my dreams in great confidence. "