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Graduate Training Programme

Programme Overview

Purpose designed programme for Sri Lankan IT engineers to be developed in mobile applica-
tion development environment and in all related aspects of Yumemi Inc which is a leading

mobile application development company in Japan. The Objective is to improve the technical
skills, communication skills and working practices of all students to the expected level of this
prestigious software company. The 18 moths’ program is structured in order to develop the
knowledge up to the expected level at the initial stage and invest heavily on project-based
activities to provide ample time for students to achieve required skills & professionalism.
This program will select only 25 most suitable applicants and train them on individual basis
with the aim of successfully completing the programme and join Yumemi Inc as software
This programme will also provide a sound knowledge in Japanese language to obtain N3 level
of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and Japanese working culture which are
required skills to work in Japan.
Resource panel for this programme comprises of university professors and industry experts
from both countries.

18 months (Part-time)

Duration (Years)

Programme Structure

You are now on: Semester 1 and 2 Semester 3

Semester 1 and 2

Semester 1 and 2
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
Introduction to Mobile Application Development
Programming for Android Developers
Android Application Development

Semester 3

Semester 3
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
Individual Project 1
User Experience Designing
Progressive Web Application Development
Individual Project 2
Cross platform Native Application Development
Group Project

Entry Requirements

  • Compulsory
    • A Degree related to Software Engineering / IT from a reputed institute
    • Software development experience in the IT industry
  • Better to have
    • Android Development Skills
    • Japanese Language Skill

Admission Checklist


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