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Bachelor of Information Technology – University of Moratuwa

Programme Overview

As one of the leading Universities in Sri Lanka, we have partnered up with University of Moratuwa to launch the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) External Degree program, which offers the finest quality programme, enhanced and influenced by Japanese technology, with the state-of-art facilities, research opportunities and industrial exposure.

The main objective of this initiative is to ensure an advanced exposure to an education programme that guarantees higher employability in this demanding industry.

The Degree Program allows multiple entry and multiple exit points. The program workload is divided into three different levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 which are called the Diploma Level, the Higher Diploma Level and the Degree Level respectively.

A student who successfully completes all academic and administrative requirements of each Level will be awarded certification as follows:

  • Level 1 – Diploma in Information Technology
  • Level 2 – Higher Diploma in Information Technology
  • Level 3 – Bachelor in Information Technology

Medium of Study

Medium of Examinations and the Lecture Materials are English. Any part of the answer script written in any other language will not be marked.

Examination dates

Examinations are usually held on a Semester basis, twice within an Academic Year, starting during February-March and July-August respectively.


Duration (Years)

Programme Structure

You are now on: Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Year 1

Semester 01
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
ITE 1912 Communication Skills Development 2 CCU
ITE 1112 Visual Application Programming 4 CCU
ITE 1812 Mathematics for IT 4 CCU
ITE 1712 Web Design 4 CCU
ITE 1922 ICT Applications 2 CCU
Semester 02
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
ITE 1122 Fundamentals of Programming 4 CCU
ITE 1932 Technical Writing 2 CCU
ITE 1412 Information Management 2 CCU
ITE 1212 Computer Systems 2 CCU
ITE 1222 System Analysis & Design 2 CCU
ITE 1942 ICT Project 2 CCU

Year 2

Semester 03
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
ITE 2132 Object Oriented Programming 4 CCU
ITE 2142 Data Structures and Algorithms 2 CCU
ITE 2232 Computer Networks & Operating Systems 4 CCU
ITE 2722 Web Programming 4 CCU
ITE 2422 Database Management Systems 4 CCU
Semester 04
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
ITE 2732 Multimedia Development 2 CCU
ITE 2152 Mobile Application Development 2 CCU
ITE 2162 Software Engineering 4 CCU
ITE 2312 IT Quality Assurance 2 CCU
ITE 2612 IT Project Management 2 CCU
ITE 2952 Programming Group Project 4 CCU

Year 3

Semester 05 + Semester 06
Module Code Course Unit Credits Course Status
ITE 3822 Discrete Mathematics 4 CCU
ITE 3322 Professional Practice 2 CCU
ITE 3242 Information Security 2 CCU
ITE 3962 Project ** 10 CCU
Select 2 Elective Subjects for Semester 1 and 4 Elective Subjects for Semester 2
ITE 3512 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 3 ECU
ITE 3622 Business Processes & Accounting Systems 3 ECU
ITE 3632 Principles of Management 3 ECU
ITE 3172 Enterprise Application Development 3 ECU
ITE 3972 Research Methodology 3 ECU
ITE 3742 Web Services 3 ECU
ITE 3642 Marketing 3 ECU
ITE 3432 Data Mining 3 ECU
ITE 3832 Probability and Statistics 3 ECU
ITE 3442 Management Information Systems 3 ECU
ITE 3752 Human Computer Interaction 3 ECU
ITE 3332 Quality Assurance in Practice 3 ECU
ITE 3652 Organizational Behavior 3 ECU
ITE 3522 Essentials of Artificial Cognitive Systems 3 ECU
ITE 3532 Essentials of Machine Learning 3 ECU

Entry Requirements

  • The successful completion of G.C.E. (A/L) examination is mandatory, with a minimum 03 “S” passes in A/L (Local or London) from any stream at one sitting.
  • At least 06 passes in not more than two sittings and a credit pass in Mathematics at the GCE (O/L) examination
    • 3 passes in A/L (Local or London in the stream of Physical Science, Technology or Biological Science)
    • Or Completion of NVQ level 4 in Information and Communication Technology stream) – In the case of failing A/L (Local and London)
    • Or higher qualification of at least 1 year duration from a recognized institution

Admission Checklist

  1. Completed application form
  2. Three passport size photographs and one digital copy
  3. National identity card or passport
  4. Applicant’s educational transcripts to satisfy entry requirements
  5. Proof of registration fee payments


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