Robotics Club

Robotics Club

The future is definitely AI and Robotics!

Robotics is a collaboration of science and engineering, devoted to the design, construction and the use of automated robots. At present, the number of robots in the world are approaching the 1,000,000 milestone, with almost half the contribution is made by Japan and just 15% by the US. Therefore, Japan, being a nation that’s spearheading the Robotics revolution, we have initiated The Robotics Club, overseen by industry veterans in Japan, to ignite a spark of passion for innovation, in today’s youth.

The objective of this initiation is to give a taste of the amazing potential the technology possess and give a platform to the youth like you, to broaden the horizon on the concept of technology, letting you’ll know that information technology can take other cooler forms than just the standard system development process.

By becoming a member in the club, you will be introduced to modern AI and Robotic concepts, the progress that has been made in the industry so far and how to tap into that creative genius within you to train your mind to think outside the lines to innovate and inspire the world. The times are evolving with Robotics; come join us today and be at the driving seat when the Robotics revolutionize the world.



We are delighted and proud to announce that, LNBTI team has won the 1st place in the Robotics competition called Techno 2019 which was held at BMICH on 13th October 2019. This had been organized by Institute of Engineers Srilanka.

Our students Mr. Senesh Deshan and Ms.Osandi from batch-2 took part in the competition.