METI Advanced Program

ET Robocon is an educational robotics competition started in 2001 and completes 20 years this time. Up to now 23000 engineers have received education through this globally unique robotics contest which is conducted only with software. Using commands to control a robot simulator, students can learn programing in this program.

The virtual robot is used in the training LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3
Learn robot control and software development using this virtual path

■ Who is eligible to participate

 Those who understand C language

 Those who have the network facilities to participate in this online program

Mode of the delivery: The total program is conducted in online mode

■ Required equipments

1. PC/Laptop which has the following specification or above

CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 or equivalent performance
        AMD Ryzen5 1400 or equivalent performance
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1030 (GDDRS Ver.) or equivalent performance
          AMD Radeon RX 550 or equivalent performance
Memory: 4.00[GB]
OS: Windows 10

2. Web camera (or built-in camera)

3. Headset (or equivalent)

■ Schedule of the Program

Registration Period08/0208/31
Announcing the participants09/0309/031. Select from applicants who meet the requirements
2. Maximum capacity 120
3. Can participate only as individuals
Opening ceremony09/2109/21 
Orientation09/2209/23This will be conducted in two days. An individual can select any one day.
Online learning09/2411/141. Software development following videos
2. UML designing and C programming
UML Modelling workshop11/1511/17This will be conducted in 3 days. An individual can select any one day.
Presentation of Achievements11/3011/30This will be Conducted online. All the participants will attend
Closing ceremony12/1412/14 


  • While filling the application form, you are required to fill the questionnaire form after inserting your details.
  • Please note that your application form once submitted will go through a selection process and only the selected applications will be registered for the program and will be notified. 

Registration has ended at 31/08/2021

Please contact us for any support: +94 77 336 0000 or +94 11 208 8822