It’s not all about learning. You need to wind down, network and enjoy the youthful zest that life gives. That’s why although we are one of the top-notch facilities in Sri Lanka, with an outstanding environment for teaching and learning, we also encourage our students to explore themselves by organising interactive events and cultural celebrations, thereby indirectly enriching them with values that are brought to us by both the cultures of Sri Lanka and Japan.

Clubs & Societies

Robotics Club

Student Activity Club


All our computer machinery is equipped with modern and up-to-date technologies enabling to deliver successful computing study programs.

Wi-Fi facilities are available with limited bandwidth to students within the premises.

The LNBTI library carries many essential books for both ICT and language skills. Students are allowed to borrow books and study in a separated area. We have also provided cosy private nooks to allow you to study on your own.

LNBTI has facilities to treat students at times of sudden illness. Students are offered services free of charge. At LNBTI, we take extra precautions to ensure that our students and staff are healthy.

LNBTI has specific common areas for students where they can enjoy their meals.

There are several sports facilities such as table tennis, carrom and chess, which are made available in the common area to let you relax and wind down after study sessions.


We are proud to facilitate free study tours to batch toppers, helping them to have a glimpse of the next exciting phase of their life. The entire cost will be born by the management and if you become the best in the class, get ready to fly to Japan and have a tour at the university, see the amazing culture they’ve cultivated and protected for centuries and the remarkable inventions that are used in their day to day life.

Come, sign up to our next intake, we will guide you in any way we can to secure a solid future in this dynamic world of IT.