Joint Venture

Metatechno Inc.

Dominating the IT world with innovative technologies that have eased the lives of millions across the world, Metatechno Inc. is a distinguished Japanese company, that innovates ICT solutions for leading Japanese organizations. The company is in operation for nearly 2 decades, and during the entire tenure, it has provided numerous employment opportunities for Sri Lankan fresh graduates, providing them that global platform to unleash their talents.

hSenid Ventures

hSenid is a dynamic force in the Sri Lankan IT sphere, that has tapped on to many international domains during its 2 decades of operation. Being a reconised brand in Telecom, Financial, and Enterprise markets, the company specializes in human resource applications and mobile applications. hSenid maintains a presence in 30 countries, 18 industries, 1000+ customers, and over 1 million users worldwide, and continues to innovate and inspire the world.

The Joined Path

Two major-league players but one vision. A vision to pass on the torch of innovation to the next generation and provide them with the necessary tools, skillset, guidance and the opportunity to make this world a better place. It’s a partnership that is forged not just in the likes of matching interests, it’s about building a responsible future, by grooming the young minds to become, accountable, imaginative and, ethical pathfinders in the rapidly evolving tech world.