Empowering and inspiring students to excel as life long learners.

A Great Place For Education

Our exceptional facilities ensure students make the most of their time on campus.

At LNBTI, we believe that investment in our facilities and learning resources, leads to happier and motivated faculty and students. From a state of the art computer lab, to a well-equipped library, we have put great thought into creating a learning space, where students can meet, study and collaborate for success.

A walk through

Newly launched City Campus

LNBTI, the Japanese IT University, marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new City campus located in the heart of Maharagama, housed within the prestigious Sathara building. The Grand Opening ceremony was led by LNBTI Chairman, Mr. Koga Michio, alongside key directors representing both Japanese and Sri Lankan directors. This strategic move reflects LNBTI’s commitment to providing an enriched educational experience for its students by offering a conveniently situated space for lectures and academic activities. The City campus not only symbolizes the institution’s expansion but also underscores its dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment.

The establishment of the City campus in Maharagama ensures easy accessibility for both students and parents, facilitating seamless visits to the campus. This prime location enhances the university’s engagement with the local community while providing a centralized hub for academic endeavors. With the Sathara building serving as the backdrop for this new chapter, LNBTI anticipates that the City campus will play a pivotal role in furthering its mission of delivering high-quality IT education, fostering innovation, and nurturing the next generation of IT professionals in both Japan and Sri Lanka.

Physical Education & Sports

Our common areas offer several recreational pursuits such as table tennis, carom and chess to hone your skills, socialize, make new friends or just get competitive!

Student Lounge & Dining Area

Used for socializing over meals or studies, the Student Lounge and Dining area lets students relax during breaks in their academic schedule.

Medical Facilities

To ensure our students’ wellbeing in instances of sudden illness, LNBTI offers First Aid and basic care free of charge. Extra precaution is taken to ensure both students and staff, are healthy at all times.


The library at LNBTI has a diverse array of IT related titles that students benefit from in terms of additional reading apart from the prescribed coursework. A comfortable layout also provides privacy who students who wish to self-study.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Students have access to an onsite, limited bandwidth WI-FI network to enable them to conduct self or group study & research sessions.

Computer Labs

Research in computer systems demands a wide and constantly updated range of hardware, software and networks.  Our computer labs are suitably equipped with state of the art systems for both research and instructional use. The lab also has convenient power outlets for your laptops, wireless internet, whiteboards and a printing facility.