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Powering Technology The Campaign for LNBTI

The Main Objective.

At LNBTI, we believe in shaping students that not only excel academically, but also progress into enterprising roles of leadership. As a new normal settles across global industries, the field of computing has transcended physical boundaries, with virtual connectivity preceding even the most basic necessities. Recent challenges have seen demand grow exponentially across several avenues in the vast field of IT; from increased cyber security to combat hacking and other cyber-attacks, to a greater reliance on AI and network based transactions to comply with social distancing. 

The discerning student who chooses a career in the industry will find the comprehensive teaching methodology and carefully curated degree pathway programmes in Software Engineering and Information Technology, ensure an easy transition to a Japanese university or demanding working environment in the field of computing.

Career Guidance Unit (CGU)

Job opportunities in Japan

Job opportunities in Sri Lanka

Career Guidance Unit (CGU)

The Academic Board of LNBTI oversees the Career Guidance Unit, which is proudly unveiled for the benefit of student growth and to facilitate their transfer into the workforce. • LNBTI ensures that all students gain unfettered access to this invaluable resource through the institute’s cutting-edge Learner Management System (LMS). • The Career Guidance Unit offers students a wide range of services that are customized to meet their unique professional goals, acting as a beacon of support and mentorship. • Experts from Japan's thriving industries and local professionals lead workshops that reveal the untapped potential and abilities of each student. • Students have the unique opportunity to engage in industry projects while pursuing their studies, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application. • LNBTI fosters enduring partnerships with leading IT companies, ensuring that students remain at the forefront of technological innovation and industry trends. • The Career Guidance Unit also aims to demystify all aspects of the job search process by providing students with the information and resources they need to successfully navigate interviews, evaluate trends in the job market, and meet employment requirements, especially in the dynamic environment of Japan's rapidly expanding labor market. Essentially, the Career Guidance Unit of LNBTI is a lighthouse of empowerment, showing all of its students the way to academic and professional success.

Job opportunities in Japan

Japan is facing an acute labor shortage that will only get worse as the country becomes more and more of a digital society. The growing need for knowledge in cutting-edge domains including app development, networking, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cyber security highlights the urgent need for qualified experts who can successfully negotiate these challenging environments. As most jobs require bilingual capabilities, the combination of technical expertise and linguistic understanding can address the challenging problems facing Japan's software engineering and IT industries.

Job opportunities in Sri Lanka

Students at LNBTI experience a dynamic learning environment that is marked by a collaborative atmosphere and project-based pedagogy. We are dedicated to giving students a well-rounded education outside of the classroom, and we make sure that their academic endeavors are complemented by guaranteed industrial internships. Engaging in an intensive internship not only improves practical skills but also opens doors to profitable career options. Many students go on to obtain full-time positions with prestigious Japanese and international companies that have operations in Sri Lanka. With the devoted assistance of our Career Guidance Unit, students are equipped with individualized career counseling and guidance, enabling them to make well-informed choices and map out their routes to success in the workplace.

Entry Requirements

  • After A/Ls: BSc (Hons) Software Engineering: 4-year
    • (a) Three (3) simple passes (‘S’) in Physical Science subject stream in one and the same sitting at the G.C.E (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Department of Examination or equivalent qualification OR
    • (b) Three (3) simple passes (‘S’) in any subject stream in one and the same sitting at the G.C.E (Advanced Level) Examination conducted by the Department of Examination or equivalent qualification with a bridging course approved by the Specified Authority.
    • Applicants required to do the Bridging course (Should pass bridging course with 50% or more than that in the final examination.)
  • After A/Ls: BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Systems): 4-year
    • Passed all three (3) subjects with Simple Passes in any stream in G C E Advanced Level (Sri Lanka) in one sitting OR
    • Passed all three (3) subjects with simple passes in any stream in Advanced Level (London [EDEXCEL/Cambridge] OR
    • Those who have passed less than 3 subjects in Advanced Level (Sri Lanka or London) may apply to the degree by admission to the “LNBTI Foundation Programme”
  • After O/Ls: BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Systems): 5-year
    • Minimum 6 Passes in O/L with Credit Passes for English and Mathematics
    • Students can register with pending O/L results (Conditions apply)

Programme Structure

LNBTI’s Degrees are full-time curriculum spanning 4 years (For students after A/Ls) & 5 years ((For students after O/Ls)) designed in line with Japanese standards.

It is mandatory for students to demonstrate language proficiency by sitting for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) during the course of their study. Upon completion of their 3rd year (For students after A/Ls) and 4th year (For students after O/Ls) students will be offered a 6 months internship at a reputed software/IT firm, in Sri Lanka.

During the final year of the program, job-matching activities will take place to avail professional and permanent employment in Japan for students upon Graduation.