Degree Programmes – After O/L

Programme Overview

The newly introduced 5-year full-time BSc (Hons) Computing degree and BSc (Hons) Information Systems degree from University of Greenwich in the UK, specially designed for students after O/L will gradually develop skills across various areas of computing, such as software engineering, systems analysis, and systems design and development. 

The first year is carefully designed to prepare students for tertiary education by developing confidence, knowledge, and skills since they are directly joining with a degree programme.

Students will gradually gain insight into the computing industry, gain theoretical knowledge and practice throughout the course, which will help them find the ideal path for a career in Computing.  They will put into practice all the academic knowledge during the full-time internship in the 4th year.

Furthermore, with the above knowledge & training and Japanese Language and Japanese culture modules, they will be transformed into high quality professionals who will be prime candidates for professional jobs in Japan. This will be made further possible with the special activities to stimulate Japanese industrial practices throughout the programme and job matching activities done with the Japanese HR & IT companies that we have close collaborations within the 5th year of the degree.