Chairman's Message

Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) is different in many ways. Our focus is to educate the promising Sri Lankan youth, steering them on a path of guaranteed excellence when embarking on their career lives. It is a journey based on mutual trust, responsibility and professionalism, with the ultimate goal to empower the youth, leading towards a brighter future for both the nations.

History has made Japanese people hard-working, quality-oriented and highly professional. Those qualities have elevated Japan to a major global economic power, resulting in Japanese products to be highly sought after in the global market.

However, even though we have become a major league player in the ICT world, we have our own weaknesses that hold us back reaching the fullest potential. The Japanese population is progressively declining, and the cost of human resources is becoming inflated, leading to an inadequate workforce to cater to market demands. This dilemma we are facing as a nation encouraged us to look for global partners, partners whom we can trust and shares the same passion for growth.

Thus, the partnership between Metatechno Inc. and hSenid Ventures came to be. As the main investor of LNBTI, Metatechno Inc is a Japanese software development company, providing high-quality software to many industrial giants in Japan. We have been able to maintain leadership in several niche markets, especially in the fields of embedded and printer software technology.

For the past 15 years, Metatechno has been recruiting Sri Lankan engineers for its technical positions. Their exceptional talents and professionalism have made them indispensable partners in our business, driving the brand to new heights of success. This is yet another trigger that makes me believe we have made the right decision by partnering with hSenid and investing in Sri Lanka, to groom the future talent to take up the torch on our vision for the future. It is an investment that will brighten the future of many Sri Lankan students, and also an investment that will provide a sustainable solution to one of our national-level problems in Japan.

Koga Michio
Koga Michio

Deputy Chairman's Message

The year 1954, marked a historical turning point for all of us when Japan and Sri Lanka signed the Colombo plan that enabled government-to-government economic cooperation between the 2 nations, pioneering many development projects in both the countries. Having the privilege to oversee the annual international conference for this milestone event, it influenced to open up a specialised degree awarding institute as a partnership between us – the hSenid Ventures of Sri Lanka; and the Metatechno Inc. in Japan.

Both Koga Michio and I wanted to make this Institute a true value addition to the lives of our students. Therefore, our main objective was to create an educational body that offers specialized curricula in the fields of IT and Software Engineering, incorporating the superior knowledge the Japanese hold respective to the domain.  It was also our goal to nurture and equip our youth with the essential skills such as the language and the cultural understanding; allowing them to be perfect candidates, to be a part of the Japanese IT industry, once they are graduated from the institute.

After witnessing the growth and the impact we are making during the past couple of years, I’m truly happy to see that we are indeed making a difference in our education system, and the positive response we receive from the youth, who are eager to become groomed ICT professionals, to take on bigger challenges in the IT world.

Dinesh Saparamadu
Dinesh Saparamadu

Head of Academics' Message

LNBTI has a unique curricular, which is formed according to Japanese university requirements and international standards. It has been evaluated through the Japanese government, multiple Japanese universities and local accreditation bodies.

Imbibing the vision of the founders, we have incorporated the Japanese language and workshops, special programmes to inculcate the values of the Japanese culture that are taught by prominent Japanese lecturers, apart from the standard ICT modules. Thereby, making sure our children will be able to confidently progress in their careers in Japan, solidifying the bonds between both countries – in academics and otherwise.

In addition to our main higher diploma program, LNBTI has been privileged to work as a partner of the University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka for the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree program. LNBTI is confident to provide quality education with the superior academic panel in a high-tech environment for the BIT students.

Other than teaching, LNBTI provides extensive training for our students to improve skills in writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and domain research, irrespective of their major, to prepare the student for immediate employment in an industry where the demand is increasing by the minute.

Dr.Thilak Chaminda
Dr.Thilak Chaminda