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Mar 16, 2021

Studies with New Normal

Our Covid 19, Guidelines

At LNBTI, our no 1 priority is the safety of both students and Faculty members alike. All government protocols and standard procedures, as well as TVEC guidelines have been strictly adhered to.

Strict rules have been set in place when visiting the premises, with personal sanitization, prior to entering and temperature monitored by the security. Face masks, face shields, gloves and other sanitary items are always readily available at LNBTI, to staff as well as students. A meter of distancing is being maintained at all times with students, lecturers and staff alike.

Online Lecture Procedures

Currently all our lecture sessions are conducted online, using stimulating tools to demonstrate practical lessons, with ample attention to each individual student. Frequent quizzes and revisions, as well as guest speaks engaging in lectures from both foreign and local institutes. We offer ample support to students creating flexible schedules, with counselling provided to assist them in their academic and personal matters.

Modes & Lecturing Platforms

In a secluded time like this we strive to make online classes more enjoyable with regular online recreational activities, such as Japanese and local cultural activities, competitions and games. We conduct the lectures through various delivery platforms to create highly interactive and easy modes to learning, such as Microsoft Teams, Moodle and LNBTI student monitoring platforms. Regular meetings with parents are conducted to make them aware of the students’ progress.

External Visits & Meetings

Other preventive measures within the institute, is the prohibition of any entertainment events, with stringent limits on meetings, with more recommended online meetings being conducted, with external visits limited to only relevant parties. Prior approval is obtained by administration. Masks are to be worn at all times within the institute.

Our Dedication To Safety

At LNBTI, we strive to stay updated and follow all relevant mandates as imposed by the government for the safety of all, staff and visitors alike, while giving the students the optimal expertise today to become high caliber individuals tomorrow.

Contact Person for Emergency ( Covid 19 case)

In case of a suspected covid case, the registrar is to be notified.