About Us


An institute
with a global vision

Established in 2016 as part of a joint venture between Metatechno Inc., Japan, and hSenid Group of Companies, Lanka Nippon Biz Tech Institute (LNBTI) continues to set a benchmark in the field of IT studies. Located in the heart of Maharagama, LNBTI is the only Japanese Higher Education institute with degree-awarding status in South Asia to offer the unique package of “the Degree in Sri Lanka and Work in Japan as an IT Professional." We offer government-approved B.Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering and Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computing (Information Systems) (from the University of Greenwich) degrees combined with an authentic Japanese learning culture.
The demand for IT engineers in Japan is increasing very rapidly. Therefore, as a Japanese university, LNBTI is devoted to training our energetic youth with purposefully built degree programmes to cater to this growing demand in Japan. Properly trained LNBTI graduates will be able to join the lucrative Japanese IT industry after the successful completion of study programs and job-related examinations at LNBTI. Those who are interested in pursuing further studies at the postgraduate level will also be able to join our partner universities in Japan. This commitment to the Japanese ethos of discipline and perseverance has helped us turn out some of the most sought-after IT graduates in the nation.

What makes us ‘different’

As the only higher education institute in Sri Lanka to offer a graduate transfer programme to a Japanese university, our success story lies in doing things differently. Our comprehensive curriculum meets the exceptional standards of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan. LNBTI offers a combination of Japanese language teaching, soft skill training and familiarization with business etiquette unique to Japanese corporate culture; all seamlessly integrated into our Software Engineering and IT degree pathway programmes. With a panel of academic experts hailing from a variety of industry backgrounds and a guaranteed industrial internship, our students receive invaluable technical exposure and the confidence to find employment anywhere.

What We Aim


As a premier institute catering to higher education in Sri Lanka, LNBTI features free seminars for the reinforcement of key learning areas for students at foundation stage. These subjects vary from Mathematics to Physics to ensure students transition easily into their chosen programme of study. Students further benefit from the opportunity for industrial placement at a Japanese company, where they will gain invaluable industry experience while working in a Japanese office culture.


At LNBTI, students see the concepts they learn, in motion! Our expert academic panel pushes for deeper understanding through application of theoretical knowledge in challenging real life scenarios in the areas of Software Engineering & Information Technology.


Our research and project based assessment methodology, encourages team work and collaborative learning, both in house and via remote sessions with a chosen Japanese university.


Across LNBTI, our esteemed lecturers draw from their own industry and experience teaching in private universities in Sri Lanka, to help students understand complex concepts in application.


Japan continues to revolutionize global businesses through its unique Kaizen model of working. By integrating the self-same hallmarks of business etiquette and a disciplined, diligent work ethic, we at LNBTI mold our students to raise the bar of excellence in their chosen field.

Our Vision

Our focus is to provide a thought-provoking learning and on campus experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.

To divert our passion for excellence into educating our youth to transform into graduates of outstanding skill and professionalism, reflective of Japanese etiquette and business acumen , sought after by both Japanese and global organizations for roles that demand leadership, and in turn, bring honor and recognition to the nation, through contributions that better the global society.

Mission Statement

"Education is about creating leaders for tomorrow.

To reach the pinnacle of private higher education in Sri Lanka, through exchange of knowledge and technical know-how between Japan and Sri Lanka, and nurture students of intelligence and innovative spirit, deserving of rewarding careers with the capability of becoming future trailblazers in the arena of computing and technology.

  • by teaching our children to learn, to understand, to think and to adapt to our ever changing environment,
  • by developing their abilities to their full potential, helping them to realize their dreams within the wider community,
  • by providing them with the right tools to develop into mature adults, through our qualified human resources, our excellent environment and the democratic participation of the school’s parents and stakeholders.

By enrolling with us, you will have a learning experience that

Discover a degree pathway programme in computing which leads to a prestigious Japanese university to complete the 3rd & 4th year of your course of study and qualifies you to join any Japanese company internationally or locally.

Receive an all rounded tutelage under the setting of a private campus in Sri Lanka, which improves your business etiquette to suit a Japanese office culture.

Be eligible based on academic performance, for an all-expenses paid study tour to Japan to achieve deeper understanding of life in Japan and on campus.

Receive Japanese language training and cultural exposure under these degree pathway programmes

Receive an industrial placement that will provide you with a sound exposure to the industry and IT best practices. Through this, it will provide the opportunity to improve your employability in the field of computing.