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May 07, 2024

Japanese Delegation Visits LNBTI, Explores Future Collaboration Opportunities

The afternoon at our Main Campus was marked by engaging sessions, initiated by a visit from the Japanese delegation. This visit by the delegation to LNBTI followed several discussion sessions led by Professor Ananda Kumara during his recent trip to Japan. Prior to arriving at LNBTI, the delegation visited the MetaTechno Inc. Head Office in Japan, where they met with Mr. Ikura Kazuyuki, Director, and Mr. Koga Michio, Chairman of LNBTI. During their interactions with our students, the delegation was pleased to note that LNBTI students have developed strong Japanese language skills and a solid understanding of IT. The delegation expressed their eagerness to continue formal discussions with LNBTI, exploring potential opportunities for recruiting our students after they complete their academic programs.