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Nov 14, 2023

A New Japanese Native Sensei joins LNBTI, all the way from Japan

LNBTI Japanese IT University in Sri Lanka is delighted to announce the addition of a new Japanese native sensei, NAOKO KOIZUMI Sensei, all the way from Japan.

Today marks her first day at LNBTI, and the institution is thrilled to welcome her into the LNBTI family. Naoko Koizumi Sensei brings a wealth of experience as a Former Japanese Language Sensei from renowned institutions such as “Japanese Language School” in Osaka, Kinki Japanese Language School, Kyoshin Language Academy, Ashiya International School, and Meric Japanese Language School.

Students at LNBTI will now have the unique opportunity to learn Japanese from a native speaker, enhancing their language acquisition with an authentic and immersive experience. The university looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with Naoko Koizumi Sensei and is excited about the enriching educational journey she will provide for the students.