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Jul 10, 2023

Sakura Blossoms again at Uva Wellassa University in SL

Sakura flowers blossom again at Uva Wellassa University for the second time in 2023.In 2018, Prof. Ananda Kumara initiated planting a Sakura tree for the first time in Sri Lanka, and now it is beautifully blossoming on the grounds of Badulla.

Sakura (Japanese Cherry) plants have been planted on testing grounds at Uva Wellassa University. These Sakura plants were imported from Japan under a Special Tourism Development Project in collaboration with Uva Wellassa University, Meijo University of Japan and District Secretariat, Badulla. Under the project, 10 Sakura plants were brought from Japan and were planted at 7 different climatic and topographical conditions at Uva Province as a pilot research project. Two of the plants were ceremonially planted at Uva Wellassa University 5 years back. Blooming Sakura at Uva Wellassa University has indicated that climatic conditions of Badulla area are conducive with the requirements of Sakura trees.

Professor Ananda Kumara (Former Founder Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Studies of Meijo University of Japan) and Dr. P. H. T. Kumara of Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka were the Coordinators of the project from Japan and Sri Lanka and Dr. Evon Kaliyadasa, of Uva Wellassa University administered the research work of two plants at Uva Wellassa University. Since the research work was successfully carried out, the project will be upscaled with 1000 Sakura tress planting at Badulla area and developing a new tourism development avenue with a “Sakura Path”.