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Jun 27, 2023

We were there at Kurunegala, meeting Principals of Kurunegala, Kegalle & Kuliyapitiya

  • Maliyadewa Boys’ College, Kurunegala
  • Maliyadewa Girls’ College, Kurunegala
  • Kuliyapitiya Central College
  • Holy Family Convent, Kurunegala
  • Wayamba Royal College
  • Kuliyapitiya Saranath College
  • St.Joseph Girls’ College – Kegalle
  • Lakdasa De Mel College
  • Mahinda College, Kurunegala
  • St’ Anne’s College, Kurunegala – the top leading schools in Kurunegala, Kegalle and Kuliyapitiya

LNBTI organized a special gathering on 27th June at the Epitome Hotel in Kurunegala, bringing together esteemed school principals, vice principals, and A/L ICT and Japanese teachers. The event aimed to foster collaboration and provide valuable information about the opportunities available to their students through LNBTI. Professor Ananda Kumara, the Vice Chancellor of LNBTI, took the opportunity to elucidate the pathways for students to secure IT job opportunities in Japan upon graduation with an IT honours degree.

The dinner get-together attracted principals and teachers from renowned schools around Kurunegala, Kegalle, and Kuliyapitiya. They recognized the importance of obtaining their students with skills and opportunities for a successful future in the IT industry. The pathway offered by LNBTI, leading to the possibility of their students becoming IT engineers, generated significant interest among the educators.

One of the highlights of the event was the speech delivered by Mr. Thilak, the Vice Principal of Maliyadewa Girls College. Having been associated with LNBTI since its initial stages, Mr. Thilak shared his personal experience and observations regarding how LNBTI has facilitated students’ futures. He highlighted the institution’s commitment to quality education, practical learning, and industry connections, which have proven instrumental in empowering students to thrive in the IT field. Mr. Thilak’s testimony added a valuable perspective to the gathering, reinforcing the credibility of LNBTI and its positive impact on students’ lives.

Dr. Manjula Sandirigama, a senior lecturer of the University of Peradeniya, also addressed the gathering, providing additional insights into the importance of IT education and the significance of LNBTI’s offerings. Drawing from his expertise, Dr. Sandirigama emphasized the need for students to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in the ever-evolving field of IT. The get-together served as a platform for collaboration and networking among principals, vice principals, and A/L ICT and Japanese teachers. They had the opportunity to exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. The event facilitated an open and engaging environment, fostering connections among educational institutions and LNBTI.