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Jun 27, 2023

LNBTI Student Awareness Session for Students around Kurunegala & Kegalle

On the 27th of June, an insightful student awareness session was organized by LNBTI at Epitome Hotel, Kurunegala. The event aimed to provide students who recently completed their A/L and O/L examinations with valuable information about the opportunities available through LNBTI. Professor Ananda Kumara, the Vice Chancellor of LNBTI, and Dr. Manjula Sandirigama from University of Peradineiya led the session and elucidated the numerous prospects awaiting students at LNBTI, particularly the pathway to becoming IT engineers and securing job opportunities in Japan upon graduation with an IT honours degree.

The session attracted a group of enthusiastic students who were introduced to LNBTI by their A/L teachers. Their interest in this particular pathway stemmed from the promising prospects of becoming IT engineers, coupled with the unique opportunity to work in Japan.

Professor Ananda Kumara’s speech began by acknowledging the significance of the occasion, as students transitioned from their secondary education to higher learning. He emphasized that LNBTI’s IT honours degree programs not only provides a comprehensive education but also unlocks doors to international job opportunities, with Japan being a prominent destination.

Dr. Manjula Sandirigama elaborated on LNBTI’s IT Honours degree programs, which form the foundation for students aiming to embark on a successful IT career. The program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, combining theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience. Through industry collaborations, students are exposed to real-world projects, enabling them to develop the necessary skills and expertise to excel in the IT field.

Following the presentation, students had the opportunity to engage in a question-and-answer session with Professor Kumara and other LNBTI representatives. The session allowed students to clarify their doubts, gain deeper insights into the IT honours degree program, and better understand the pathway to securing IT job opportunities in Japan.