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Jun 27, 2023

Empowering LNBTI Students’ Parents | A Special Session at Kurunegala

The LNBTI organized a special session for the parents of LNBTI students on 27th June, 2023 at Epitome Hotel, Kurunegala. The session aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the benefits of studying at LNBTI, particularly in relation to opportunities for working in Japan. The highlight of the event was an interactive discussion led by Professor Ananda Kumara, who emphasized the importance of LNBTI education and sought the parents’ support in recommending talented students for the program. Additionally, the session provided a platform to discuss strategies for enhancing the educational quality standards at LNBTI.

Professor Ananda, renowned for his expertise in the field, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the significance of LNBTI education for students. He enlightened the parents about the unique advantages offered by LNBTI, particularly regarding the prospects of working in Japan. The professor shed light on the exceptional opportunities available in Japan’s thriving technology and business sectors, where LNBTI graduates have gained recognition and success.During the session, Professor Ananda requested the parents’ active involvement in identifying talented students for LNBTI. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in shaping their children’s educational journey, he urged them to recommend motivated and capable individuals who would benefit from the institute’s comprehensive programs. The professor emphasized that parental recommendations would help secure a high-caliber student body, ensuring the continued success of LNBTI and its graduates.

In addition to that, the session provided an opportunity to address key areas for improving the institute’s educational quality standards. Professor Ananda initiated an open dialogue, encouraging parents to share their insights and suggestions. Together, they explored strategies to further enhance LNBTI’s educational offerings, curriculum development, faculty training, and industry collaborations. The session fostered a collaborative environment, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences between the parents and the LNBTI administration.