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May 03, 2023

Meeting Badulla Central College Principal, A/L Teachers & students

LNBTI met the Principal of Badulla Central College Badulla to present the opportunities in Japan for Sri Lankan students, as LNBTI is able to offer a permanent and a professional Job upon completion of Hons degree programs in IT.

During the visit, the principal arranged a walk-through of the School’s Library as well.Moreover, Prof Ananda Kumara explained the unique Japanese Job oriented degree model introduced to students after O/Ls & A/Ls. The A/L teachers also joined this discussion.

Prof Ananda Kumara, the Vice Chancellor – LNBTI, Ms. Shima Yuka san who is a Specialist in Japanese Labor Law and Welfare, currently working in the Kagoshima Prefectural Office, Mr Yoneda Ichiro sensei – the Native Japanese lecturer of LNBTI, Mr. Dilshan Samarasekare, Director – LNBTI & Ms. Sameera Malawige, the Head of Partnerships took part in this special discussion.