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Mar 21, 2023

Plan your IT CAREER in JAPAN with Prof. Ananda Kumara

A unique opportunity to talk to Professor Ananda Kumara personally and plan your future as an IT engineer in Japan!

Date: 21st March, 2023
Time: From 10.00AM – 12.00PM
Venue: At LNBTI, the Japanese IT University

This special session was held on 21st March from 10am onwards at LNBTI, the Japanese IT University especially for the After A/Ls students and parents who are keen on this LNBTI Job-oriented Degree pathway.

During the session they were able to talk to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Kumara and gained his insights regarding their future in IT Career

Also, the parents and students met Prof. Hewagamage from the School of Computing of the University of Colombo.