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Jan 19, 2023

Meeting Maris Stella Branch School – Negambo Rev. Brother & A/L Teachers

LNBTI met the Principal of Maris Stella Branch School, Negambo – Rev. Brother Shanthi to present the opportunities in Japan for Sri Lankan students, as LNBTI is able to offer a permanent and a professional Job upon completion of Hons degree programs in IT.

As the IT industry is grooming in Japan and the requirement for many IT professionals, sri lankan students can benefit from this opportunity by becoming IT graduates with the fluency of Japanese Language.

Prof Ananda Kumara explained about the unique Japanese Job oriented degree model which is introduced to students after O/Ls & A/Ls.

The A/L Science Sectional Head also joined this discussion & this was held on 19th January 2023. Prof Ananda Kumara, the Vice Chancellor – LNBTI, Mr. Ikura Kazuyuki – Director LNBTI, Mr. Dilshan Samarasekare, Director – LNBTI & Ms. Sameera Malawige, the Head of Partnerships took part in this special discussion.