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Nov 08, 2022

Tokyo Institute of Technology staff makes a visit to MetaTechno Co. Ltd (LNBTI’s Mother company) to discuss further collaborative activities

Three person delegation led by Professor Ota and Prof. Nishizaki of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech) visited the Meta Techno Co Ltd, the mother company of LNBTI in Musashi Kosugi near Tokyo to discuss future collaborations with the LNBTI.

TokyoTech is considered one of the best universities for Science and Engineering Education. In addition to the undergraduate programs, graduate programs have received a higher recognition both nationally and globally.

LNBTI students received opportunities to participate in joint lessons and workshops with TokyoTech and with their counterpart universities like Georgia Institute of Technology and Chulalongkorn University. During the above joint classes, our students participated actively for discussion sessions on topics such as intercultural exchange, career development and leadership

The delegation from TokyoTech discussed the possibility of sending students to LNBTI for intensive training on a suitable topic to be agreed upon by both parties. The delegation emphasized that they are willing to consider creating a better relationship with the LNBTI due to two main reasons:

  • (1) LNBTI is the first higher education of degree level established with Japanese investment in the whole South Asia.
  • (2) LNBTI Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Kumara is a graduate of TokyoTech. In fact, Professor Ananda completed both Masters and Doctors in the engineering field at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and later on, became a professor of TokyoTech.

This discussion session was attended by Mr. Koga Michio, Chairman, Mr. Ikura Kazuyuki also, in addition to Professor Ananda Kumara, Vice Chancellor of LNBTI.