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Oct 23, 2022

Exciting Opportunities in Japan for Students After A/Ls

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Career guidance for students who are interested in pursuing an IT career in Japan

Date: 23rd October, 2022
Time: 9.00AM – 12.30PM

This Special webinar was held on Sunday, the 23rd of October 2022 from 9am onwards. A lot of enthusiastic students & parents registered for this session who are keen on to live and work in Japan as IT Engineers and who dream Japan as their study and working destination.

The Guest speakers for the session were:- Mr. Tetsuya Yamada, Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka Office- Mr Takebe Katsushi, Executive Director of Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)- Prof. Ananda Kumara, Vice-chancellor | LNBTI- Prof. Dilrukshi Ratnayake | University of Kelaniya

The Introduction on JASA was done by Mr. Sugimoto and he briefed about the FREE Embedded program opportunities that is open to Sri Lankans under Beginner and Advanced levels.

Mr. Takebe Katsushi (The Executive Director – JASA) explained about the Trends of Embedded System Companies & Required Human Resources for Japan while Prof. Ananda Kumara (The Vice Chancellor LNBTI) explained about the Opportunities for Sri Lankans in the Japanese IT Industry especially for Graduates

Also, Prof. Dilrukshi Ratnayake (Department of Modern Languages, University of Kelaniya) briefed about how important the Japanese language is, with the world of opportunities in Japan
Targeting the gathered audience, Mr Dhanasiri (Engineer from MetaTechno Lanka) and Dr. Thilak Chaminda (the Head of Academic Affairs LNBTI) clearly explained the “Educational & Employment Experiences in Japan and the 21st Century skills needed” respectively

Mr. Yetsuya Yamada (Chief Representative JICA) delivered a very valuable speech on the Exciting opportunities in Japan and at last but not least, Supipi Sensei (Japanese Lecturer LNBTI) did an interesting presentation on the Exciting life in Japan

Before winding up the session, a Q & A Session was conducted by the team LNBTI along with the gathered participants and everybody praised this valuable session powered by LNBTI with JASA & JICA Representatives

LISTEN TO THE SPEECH: “Exciting Opportunities in Japan” by Mr. Tetsuya Yamada (Chief Representative of JICA)

LISTEN TO THE SPEECH: “Trends of Embedded System Companies & Required Human Resources” by Mr. Keishi Takebe (Executive Director, JASA – Japan Embedded Systems Association)

LISTEN TO THE SPEECH: “Japanese language with world of opportunities in Japan” by Prof. Dilrukshi Ratnayake (Department of Modern Languages, University of Kelaniya)