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Sep 03, 2022

Special Live Music Concert by Japan | Wishing a Faster Growth for Sri Lanka!

A Special Live Music Cultural Concert has been organized by Japan for Sri Lankan students, wishing the country Sri Lanka, a success and faster growth while celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Japan-Sri Lanka Diplomatic Relations.

  • Nami Makioka san, the Angel of Kikai Island
  • Date: 3rd of September 2022
  • Time: From 12:00 pm (SL Time) onwards
  • To Whom? Around 30 groups of school students and teachers are invited for this including LNBTI students
  • How to Reserve a seat? Only through School Group reservations. Call Nadeeka on 077 336 00 00/ Pavitra on 076 800 5555 or Sameera on 076 65 44 500 to reserve your seats today
  • Mode: Zoom Technology (A special physical event will also be held at LNBTI campus)
  • Zoom Link: Will be sent to the Registered Schools

The live show will be held in Tokyo, where the ticket costs Yen 4500 per participant. But this time, with the collaboration of Prof. Ananda Kumara, this live concert will be shown FREE OF CHARGE only to Sri Lanka (LNBTI and the related schools), with their wishing for success and faster growth of Sri Lanka (while undergoing a severe economic crisis).

This offer to avail the Live Concert of Japanese Falk Songs is exclusively for Sri Lanka, through the network of LNBTI & this is also a cultural exchange concert between Japan and Sri Lanka.

Moreover, LNBTI is planning to gather some students on this day at LNBTI premises, and one of the LNBTI students will be singing a Japanese song, and the Mami san of Japan will sing a Sri Lankan song.
From the Japanese side, Sri Lanka Embassy’s first secretary will be joining from the live hall (near Tokyo)