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Aug 16, 2022

The Inauguration Ceremony of 5y British IT Hons Degree – August 2022

LNBTI held the orientation on Tuesday, the 16th of August 2022 at the premises to welcome the new batch of students for the 5-year degree programs for students after O/L examination which is offered by the University of Greenwich, UK. It was very encouraging to witness an overwhelming number of students representing many schools in different parts of the country joining the 2nd batch of this program.

These students demonstrate a great enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to complete the programme successfully mastering the IT knowledge & skills, Japanese language skills, excellent understanding of the Japanese working culture with many other important soft skills and eagerly looking forward to joining the Japanese IT industry as IT professionals with permanent employment upon graduation. The parents were very happy and confident with this scientifically developed program which will transform students to suit the Japanese IT industry requirements. Students and parents thanked LNBTI for developing such a model which has created a proper, cost-effective, and a safe path to join the Japanese IT industry as IT professionals and to be successful in Japan with lucrative salaries, skilled Visa, and permanent employment, and other fringe benefits.

Furthermore, these students will be extremely fortunate to join the lucrative and fast-growing IT industry, especially in a country like Japan which is an economic powerhouse, technologically developed country in the world that is well known for highest safety & security, high quality of life, excellent health benefits, rich Asian culture, and no discrimination.

Students will commence the academic activities from 17th August 2022 at LNBTI premises.