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Jul 24, 2022

Prof. Ananda Kumara, the President of LNBTI was invited to the Prefects’ Induction Ceremony of Henegama Central College, Gampaha

The ceremony was held on 24th July, 2022 at Henegama Central College premises. Prof. Ananda Kumara, the President of LNBTI who has served his excellent service to Japan over 3 decades and who was also a proud old boy of Henegama Central College was invited as the Chief guest of the ceremony. This was the 78th Prefects’ Induction Ceremony of the school guided by the Principal Mr. Vijaya Sathyajith Kularathne.

Professor Ananda Kumara, the Principal and the guests followed by the school western band was enlightened by the traditional dancers’ graceful movements. The Principal, the Chief Guests, the School Teachers, the School head prefects and their parents took part in this memorable occasion.

The main objective of the ceremony was to hand over the school responsibilities to the newly appointed prefects. As future leaders the principal expects them to be proactive to look out for opportunities every single day in which they can practice being a leader, challenge their selves to take even greater initiative to serve their peers and the school, communicate effectively and confidently as they carry out their duty and take care of the school respect and pride to the next generation and by the time they leave the school, to grow admirably as a leader and to serve a larger community.

Prof. Ananda Kumara’s speech followed by his experiences while he was in Japan for 39 years, and his childhood history at Henegama Central College and the services done by his family to the village students, and his stories about himself when he was studying at the University of Kelaniya as an Undergraduate student were truly inspired by the gathering. Also, during his speech, he especially delivered the reason he came back to Sri Lanka: to serve his motherland and make an ideal pathway for Sri Lankan students to win the world. So he explained how a student can get even greater opportunities in Japan through LNBTI.

We LNBTI, congratulate all the prefects and expect more contributions and leadership in enhancing Sri Lankan values. To grace this occasion, the Principal Mr. Vijaya Sathyajith Kularathne, the teachers, the parents, and the students representing Henegama Central College and Prof. Ananda Kumara (President) and Ms. Sameera Malawige (Head of Business Development & Partnerships) representing LNBTI were present.

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