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Jun 09, 2022

Yoshida International School joins hands with LNBTI to create a brighter future in Japan for their students

A very successful discussion took place between the senior staff of Yoshida International School and Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute on the memorandum of understanding both parties’ intent to sign. Mrs. Ambapali Sikuradhipathi (CEO), Mrs. Ginani Hapuarachchi (Deputy principal) and Ms. Kanchana (Japanese language teacher) from Yoshida International School and Prof. Ananda Kumara (President / Vice-Chancellor), Mr. Ravindra Perera (Director), Mr. Dilshan Samarasekera (Director Marketing & Business Development) & Ms. Sameera Malavige (Marketing Manager & Head of School Partnerships) participated the discussion. Mrs. Ambapali was very happy and has a positive image about LNBTI after having the discussion with Prof. Ananda Kumara and the team.

Both institutions agreed to work together for the benefit and to create brighter futures for students at Yoshida International School by providing a successful pathway to work as professionals in the lucrative Japanese IT industry through the LNBTI model by completing an Hons IT degree in Sri Lanka and work in Japan as IT professionals. In order to achieve this objective, both institutes discussed and agreed on many joint activities which will enable students to fulfill this dream. One such immediate activity was that Mrs. Ambapali agreed to specially arrange a seminar on 17th June at 3.00 pm for students who completed the G C E O/L exam recently. The school management was very positive about the 5-year degree platform and the professional job opportunities in Japan.

Mr. Ravindra proposed to have a special committee from Yoshida International School to build good rapport among LNBTI students and staff, in the meantime to get the agreement signed too. Prof. Ananda Kumara also proposed that he can assist the secondary school education in many ways with his Japanese University network. Specially to interact with Japanese students.