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May 18, 2022

LNBTI වෛශාක්‍ය මංගල්‍යය

LNBTI “වෛශාක්‍ය මංගල්‍යය”, the virtual vesak celebration of LNBTI institute was successfully held on 17th May 2022, from 2pm onwards, commemorating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and final passing into parinirvana. It was organized by the student activity club of the institute. Professor Ananda Kumara, the president of LNBTI was the main guest of the event and all other academic and non -academic staff also participated.

The vesak celebration included a bhakthi gee series from all the batches, lecturer’s bhakthi gee, vesak lantern show, vesak card competition (digital and handmade),digital vesak thorana and Nalapaana jathakaya: video dubbing.