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May 12, 2022

Introduction to Japan by Japanese University Students

The Japanese University students of Meijo University, Japan started conducting this informative session for LNBTI students from 23rd March 2022. Also, this virtual session will continue up until the month of May with different exciting topics of Japan.

The main objective of this session is to give a brief introduction about Japan by Japanese natives, where our Sri Lankan students would be able to get a clear understanding about Japan in every aspects.

The Japanese University speakers: 

Rika Suzuki san, Akira Yamada san, Misaki Asano san, Moe Nagasaka san, Giovana Moreli san, Yuna Arano san, Ayaka Araki san & Mizuki Nakamura san

Topics for Meijo university presentations:
Date: 23rd March

Topic: University life in Japan and opportunities for higher studies(大学に入学するまで、そして卒
Speaker: Rika Suzuki san

Date: 24th March

Topic: Japanese bullet trains (history and future) and train service(電車の過去から未来へ、も面白

Speaker: Akira Yamada san

Date: 30th March

Topic: Japanese economy(日本経済の特徴)

Speaker: Akira Yamada san

Date: 31st March

Topic: IT Technology in Japan and How IT technology has shaped lives of Japanese people(IT・ICT が社会にどのように浸透し
てきているのか・・下記の Society5.0 について触れてもよい)

Speaker: Misaki Asano san

Date: 6th April

Topic: Popular national events in Japan (summer festivals, snow festivals, sakura season etc)

Speaker: Moe Nagasaka san

Date: 7th April

Topic: Population problem of Japan and how foreign professionals are contributing to solve that(外

Speaker: Giovana Moreli san

Date: 13th April

Topic: Sports in Japan(Sumo など、日本特有のスポーツ。けん玉など、子供の遊びを入れて

Speaker: Yuna Arano san

Please be noted that ” The lectures have been postponed due to the New Year Holidays and will be conducted on next week”. Also the topics can be tentative but lectures will be conducting as usual.

Date: 14th April

Topic: Automobile industry of Japan (history and future) トヨタの歩み(紡績産業からの始まり、

Speaker: Ayaka Araki san

Please be noted that “The lectures have been postponed due to the New Year Holidays and will be conducted on next week”. Also the topics can be tentative but lectures will be conducting as usual.

Date: 20th April

Topic: Japanese Manga & Anime

Speaker: Moe Nagasaka san

Date: 21st April

Topic: Japanese robots=>日本の面白いロボット、その使い方(レストラン、医療現場、建設

Speaker: Mizuki Nakamura san

Date: 27th April

Topic: History of Japan and relationship with Sri Lanka (main eras prior to world war 2 and after the
war, St. Francisco summit, 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties)=>知っていますか?戦後にお

Speaker: Mizuki Nakamura san

Date: 28th April

Topic: Driving School in Japan

Speaker: Misaki Asano san

Date: 4th May

Topic: Recreational activities of Japanese people(テーマパークなども入れましょう)

Speaker: Rika Suzuki san

Date: 5th May

Topic: Interesting places to visit in Japan(有名な観光地、その面白さ)

Speaker: Ayaka Araki san

Date: 11th May

Topic: Seasons in Japan and the nature(4季節の独特の過ごし方。雪遊び、雪国の風景などを含

Speaker: Giovan Moreli san

Date: 12th May

Topic: Music in Japan

Speaker: Yuna Arano san

Please use the below recurring meeting Zoom link to join for every session:
Topic: Knowledge Sharing with Meijo University Students

Time: 5.30 pm (SL Colombo)
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Meeting ID: 843 2568 9953

Passcode: 127649