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Mar 30, 2022

Career development program for Advanced Level students at Ananda college Colombo

The LNBTI successfully conducted a Career Development program for Advanced Level students at Ananda college Colombo on 30th March 2022, as well as an Online carrier guidance session via Zoom on 1st of April 2022. Prof. Ananda Kumara and Dr. Thilak Chaminda shared their valuable knowledge as guest speakers in this session. 

The purpose of the program was to help students understand the importance of selecting suitable higher education paths tactfully so that students pay attention to growing industries with growing job opportunities and skills required for successful careers. The speakers of this programme further elaborated the increasing opportunities for higher education and professional jobs particularly in the IT industry in Japan. Prof. Ananda Kumara explained the keen audience about different paths to travel to Japan for jobs and further studies and elaborated LNBTI’s model which opens doors for students to obtain professional IT jobs in Japan upon completion of Hons IT degrees which can be completed in Sri Lanka.

The program also helped students to identify their career goals, important 21st century skills and latest trends in Japan when deciding the most suitable career path. The principal, all teachers and students appreciated this effort by LNBTI. Many positive feedback was received whilst showing an interest on this rare opportunity leading to professional jobs in Japan which has been created by LNBTI.