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Nov 11, 2021

Guest Lecture on “Desired ICT engineers in the Japanese DX age” by Mr.Unozawa

The guest lecture on Desired ICT engineers in the Japanese DX age was conducted by Japanese ICT expert Mr.Unozawa, with the invitation of the Chairman of LNBTI, Mr. Koga Michio on 11th November 2021 via Zoom for the undergraduates of LNBTI.  Mr.Unozawa is a Consultant on BPM, RPA & DX to private companies and the Japanese Government. Most significantly, he was the Executive Vice President of Novell Inc Japan which provided basic network infrastructure to the whole world until the emergence of the Internet.

His lecture included important topics such as a general view of the Japanese ICT industry from the beginning, the current movement of DX, industry 4.0, and society 5.0, and desirable factors for ICT engineers in Japan. Students were able to gain sound knowledge about how the ICT industry-related technology developments took place in Japan, especially focusing on how it took place with their own concepts and ideas and as well as in the global context. At the end of the event, there was a QA session that provided a solid platform for students to enhance their knowledge.

LNBTI is looking forward to organizing more such educational and knowledge development events with renowned personnel in the ICT field, which will facilitate students to acquire more knowledge with regard to the Japanese ICT industry.

Some interesting snaps from Mr.Unozawa’s presentation;