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Oct 23, 2021

FREE Webinar on “Guidance & Tips to Select Subjects for A/L & Higher Studies”

FREE Webinar on “Guidance & Tips to tactfully Select Subjects for A/L & Higher Studies” was successfully held on 23rd October 2021 via Zoom for the benefit of students just after O/Ls. This session was done in order to shed light in selecting subjects carefully and tactfully whilst considering the future job market & growing industries. This successful webinar was conducted by a distinguished panel of speakers representing National Institute of Education, Academia and industry.

Objectives of the Webinar was focusing on:

To provide guidance and to effectively select subjects for your A/Ls and for your higher studies

Enlightening on subject areas in line with growing industries which will have employment opportunities

Sharing real-life experience of the importance and advantages of selecting subject areas wisely from a successful Sri Lankan professional in Japan