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Sep 22, 2021

Nihon Star – Second Round

Certificates will be sent via emails before 30th of September to all participants and winners.


This talent show is an event in which participants perform any activities to showcase their skills and also will provide an excellent Japanese cultural platform for participants to identify their hidden talents.

Objectives of the competition

  1. To showcase the rich Japanese culture through the performances of diverse talents from categories related to Japan.
  2. To build a strong community of Sri Lankan youth who appreciate Japanese language & culture.
  3. To create a platform for youth to showcase their diverse talents, related to Japan.

About the Competition

The Japanese talent competition is organized by LNBTI, the premier Japanese quality higher education provider, for the youth who are exposed to Japanese language and culture to showcase a variety of unique talents which are relevant to Japan.

Following are the categories:

Performing Arts Category

  1. Singing – Japanese song
  2. Dancing – Japanese style / dancing to a Japanese song
  3. Speech in Japanese (On any topic)
  4. Cosplay – With an introduction to the chosen character, followed by an act pertaining to that character. 
  5. Rakugo – Comic story telling with facial expressions (Humor)

Fine Arts Category

  1. Calligraphy – writing their favorite kanji character in calligraphy
  2. Making unique origami designs
  3. Ikebana – Art of Japanese flower arrangement (using only natural materials)
  4. Haiku poem writing – On Japanese seasons
  5. Kyara ben – making creative lunchboxes (using only edible material and displaying the character/s clearly)
  6. Creative writing in Japanese

The Participants

This competition will be open to the selected candidates from the first round.

Competition Structure

Please visit the following links for more details about each competition :

Rules & regulations of the programme

  1. Each winner of the second round of the Nihon Star Competition will receive a valuable certificate.
  2. All competitors will also receive a valuable certificate of their participation.

Fine Arts Event Timetable in Second Round

The candidates competing in the “Fine Arts” category set, should perform live on the 21st of Septhember at the time allocated in the following table (event time and Zoom link will be shared via email and WhatsApp to all candidates individually).

Timeslots can be varied due to unavoidable circumstances and candidates will be updated about the changes.

Selected candidates for the Fine Arts category in the second round

Performing Arts Event in Second Round

Submission deadline for second round of performing arts competitions : 5th of August 2021.

Rules & regulations of the programme

  1. The candidate/s can select any category from either performing arts or fine arts categories.
  2. The candidate/s who are competing in the “Performing Arts” category set, should video record the performance item clearly to show authenticity.
  3. The candidate/s who are competing in the “Fine Arts” Category set, should perform live at the allocated time.
  4.  Application could be filled either as a solo item or as a group.
  5.  The duration of the performance in the video of candidates competing in the “Performing Arts” category set should not exceed 5 mins.
  6.  Candidates competing in the “Fine Arts” category Set, should not exceed more than 15 mins in their live performances.
  7. Theme of the performance – any performance should fit into specified categories and related to Japan.

More Information :   077 336 0000

Candidates competing in the “Performing Arts” category set, should upload videos onto their own google drive and share the link of video via following form. (access for the video should be given to “” email address)


    Submit "Performing Arts" Category Videos

    Select Event

    Solo/ Group
    (Please download the application, fill and resubmit)
    Upload the Application
    Name / Name of Group Leader
    Mobile Number
    WhatsApp Number
    Email Address
    Link for the video
    Access for the video should be given to "" email address

    Selected candidates for the Performing Arts category in the second round