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Sep 22, 2021

Nihon Star Award Ceremony

Nihon Star Japanese Talent Competition was organized by LNBTI to create a platform for Sri Lankan youth who appreciate the Japanese language and culture to showcase the rich Japanese culture through the performances of their diverse talents.

This unique talent competition was conducted successfully with an overwhelming number of participants and all the participants in the first round, second round, as well as winners, will be awarded a valuable certificate based on their performances.

Certificates for the participants of the “Japanese Language Teacher Training Programme” (JLTT) also will be awarded in the ceremony.

Nihon Star Award ceremony will be held on 21st of September 2021 from 6:00 pm onwards via the Zoom platform.

This virtual award ceremony will be graced by the Hon Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka and the Hon Ambassador of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan. 

LNBTI is inviting individuals, those who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture to participate in this special occasion.

Zoom link for the virtual award ceremony:

Meeting ID: 891 2152 1897
Passcode: 405400

Parallel to the award ceremony, a public talent competition also will be held on an entire day (21st of September 2021) and the general public can visit and participate in those events. They will be offered valuable certificates for their participation. More details can be found in the following link:

Meeting ID: 952 3161 6638
Passcode: 100384

The agenda of the Award Ceremony of Nihon Star Talent Competition:

More details about Nihon Star competition:

First round:

Second round: