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Jul 31, 2021

The 2nd Asia & Pacific Island-Culture Exchange Program Beyond Oceans & Seas for the Youth 2021

The 2nd Asia & Pacific Island-Culture Exchange Program “Beyond Oceans & Seas” with the students of Kikaijima Island- Japan & Sri Lanka was successfully held on 31st July 2021 via on zoom which was organized by Prof. Ananda Kumara, the Former Dean of Faculty of Foreign Studies | Meijo University, Japan & Prof. Uchida, Meisei University, Japan.  

The main objective of this program was to develop the island’s friendship among the two nations and create mutual understanding among their cultures. The program has consisted of an introduction to the islands and presentations of “The new age of local area & society under Nature, Culture & Future” with brief explanations in English & Japanese languages.  

The youth from two Asian island countries Sri Lanka and Kikaijima Island in Japan were able to interact with each other and perform their unique cultural activities to enhance each of their country and city values under the following given topics: 

  • Topic 01: Living together, nature, and a happy life 
  • Topic 02: How “Local Culture” can be maintained for the future and how to create a new culture 
  • Topic 03: what and how we can contribute to making the society sustainable  

It was a great honor for Sri Lanka, as Sri Lankan students were speaking fluently in Japanese with the fellow Japanese Students and that was literally a proud moment for Sri Lanka! 

Such that, through the Zoom session, they became aware of the diversity and attractiveness of local areas in Asia discussed together with the regional development from global and local perspectives. This program also assisted the participants to deepen their international understanding through direct interaction with each other.  

This platform provided an excellent opportunity for Sri Lankan students to take part in this event to gain experience and confidence in working with other nations. This was no doubt strengthened the relationship between the two countries. At the forum, Sangamitta College, Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya, Galle & Ferguson High School, Rathnapura represented Sri Lanka, while Kagoshima Kikai High School, represented Japan.