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May 15, 2021

Japan has been globalizing rapidly & university students are working hard to face the challenges.

The following video provides you some information about how Japanese students are working hard to improve their knowledge about global issues.

In fact, these students are from the “Special Seminar for 2nd-year students” (elective) of Prof.Ananda Kumara, an Advisory Board Member of LNBTI. Some students who appear in this video clip have been assisting LNBTI to introduce about Japan with special emphasis to career education in Japanese universities.

This class of Prof. Kumara is an example of “career-related subjects” in Japanese universities through which the students deepen their knowledge about global issues. Students who have attended this class of Prof.Kumara are now studying hard with an aim to join international organizations such as the United Nations and the JICA in the future. Guiding students from the very beginning to develop a firm image about what they can do in the future is a very important activity to be done by a higher learning institute.

LNBTI also has adopted many good practices from Japan to assist students to be successful in the future. Prof.Kumara is the Founding Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Studies of the Meijo University. His past career includes the Deputy President, Suzuka International University; UN Officer, United Nations Center for Regional Development, Professor and Program Coordinator, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Very recently, he was offered the JICA Presidential Award 2020, which was the first time for a foreigner living in Japan to be selected for this prestigious award.

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