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May 01, 2021

The Awareness Session on higher education opportunities in Japan through the LNBTI

The Awareness Session on higher education opportunities in Japan through the LNBTI degree pathway was held successfully with around 30 A/L teachers from leading schools. The teachers were from Japanese language, Mathematics, Science & ICT streams.  

Prof. Ananda Kumara The founding dean, faculty of foreign studies at Meijo university in Japan joined this session and shared valuable information on excellent higher education & career opportunities available in Japan and the fact that Japanese government has taken many steps to attract foreign students & professionals due to the increase in aging population in Japan. Furthermore, Professor encouraged all teachers who participated to encourage their students after A/L to make maximum benefit out of this unique opportunity. Prof. Ananda also advised all participants to always encourage students to go through trusted pathways like LNBTI pathways to Japan in order to avoid disappointments and many issues which are faced by students who have come through bogus language schools.

Dr. Thilak Chaminda (Head of Academic Affairs at LNBTI) explained how the LNBTI Degree pathway model can facilitate students to graduate from a prestigious Japanese university successfully. All Japanese universities that LNBTI is working closely with are UGC recognized. Dr. Thilak further explained that students will gain technical skills, Japanese language skills & cultural & Japanese business mannerisms and 21st-century skills through LNBTI model which are required to become a Japanese quality graduate and to have rewarding careers in Japan.