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Apr 03, 2021

Promoting Active Learning in Class Environment in the Science and Technology streams 2021

We are conducting a Free Online training programme on 3rd April 2021 at 9.30am (Sri Lankan Time), for A/L School Teachers in the Science & Technology streams on active learning in class environment in science & technology streams. The programme will be conducted by, Prof. Tanaka Tadayoshi, who is the Associate Professor in Mathematics and Science Education Research Center, Kanazawa Institute of Technology and a Researcher in Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Education in Japan.  

The programme will be further enriched by Prof. Ananda Kumara, The founding Dean of the Faculty of foreign studies at Meijo University Japan.  Prof. Ananda Kumara was the first foreigner & Sri Lankan to be awarded the prestigious Japan international cooperation agency (JICA) president’s award, for his valuable contribution in Japan.   

Prof. Kumara is involved in prominent positions, which include the Lever Brothers Ltd (Sri Lanka), Kelaniya University (Sri Lanka), United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD), Suzuka International University.  

Mr.Anushka Wijesundara, a 3rd year PhD student of Tokyo Institute of Technology on Network Communication and Security and a researcher in Information and Communications Engineering with academic as well as industrial exposure in multiple international companies will share his experience in education in Japan at this programme.  

This program will provide an excellent overview of activity-based teaching practices in Japan for participating teachers in order to improve their delivery of subject matter effectively by adopting these techniques.