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Mar 22, 2021

Free Workshop on Embedded Systems

22nd & 23 March, 2021

Conducted by : Professor Tanaka Kazuaki, Kyushu Institute of Technology – Japan

Participants can join physically or online for the session via Zoom

All the required devises and the PCs are provided for the participants, who are attending physically

Online participants are required to have a personal computer with windows 10 OS

Topics Covered

Day 1 – 22nd March 2021 (Monday)

  • Outline of loT programming
  • Simple Demonstration and Explanation
  • Exercises to confirm the operations and LED Blinking

Day 2 -23rd March 2021 (Tuesday)

  • Exercises for loT programming (Day 1 Revision)
  • Control Color LED
  • Explanation about the handling of the sensor
  • Programming exercises using sensors

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