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Mar 06, 2021

The (JAGCE) International Conference 2021

The (JAGCE) International Conference will be held on the 6th of March 2021, where ten (10) students and teachers from five schools will be making presentations & showcasing videos on important aspects of Sri Lanka such as culture, food, nature, tourist attractions, people, lifestyle, sports & education system

The (JAGCE) International Conference was held on the 6th of March 2021, where ten (10) Sri Lankan students and teachers from five schools did presentations.

This platform created an excellent opportunity for students who have enrolled to present their research in this international conference where they could showcase our own Sri Lankan identity, culture & beliefs and also to connect with the wider world. It promoted cultural awareness and respectful interactions in an increasingly diverse world. Students could meet fellow students from many participating countries and also could meet many leaders from diverse industries.

Following were some areas, students presented:

Ø  About Sri Lanka (Climate, Natural beauty such as waterfalls, national parks, beaches etc., Tourists’ attraction and geographical Importance of Sri Lanka)

Ø  About Sri Lankan people and lifestyle (Greeting, Food varieties of Sri Lanka according to different provinces, religions, and due to multicultural and multi-national values, hospitality & attire

Ø  Education system in Sri Lankan (Educational structures, school uniforms, discipline & Scholarships

Ø  School Extra curricular activities(Bukathsu) & School Club activities

Professor Ananda Kumara, (Founder Dean, Faculty of Foreign Studies) Meijo University, created this unique opportunity, to showcase the talented young minds of Sri-Lanka to the rest of the world.

More details of the participants and the topics discussed are as follows:

GROUP 01 – Holy Cross College, Gampaha
Topic – About Sri Lanka
Teacher: Ms. Movini Methma Wijethunga
Students: Ms. Imasha Senarathne & Ms. Thushani Divyanjali

GROUP 02 – Sirimavo Bandaranyake Vidyalaya – Colombo
Topic – About Sri Lanka 02
Teacher: Ms. Dilani Rathnayake
Students: Ms. Sanuki Kavinya & Ms. Surani Sajana Kumari Lokuliyana

GROUP 03 – Visakha Vidyalaya -Colombo
Topic – Education System in Sri Lanka
Teacher: Ms. Chamila Weerasiriwardene
Students: Ms. Amandi Methma Mendries & Ms. Thinuri Wijesekara

GROUP 04 – Royal College – Colombo
Topic – School extra-curricular activities (Bukathsu) and School club activities
Teacher: Ms. Nalika Vitharana
Students: Mr. Sahan Hiroshi & Mr. Sehan Sadeepa Basnayaka

GROUP 05 – Ananda College – Colombo
Topic – Highlight Special and unique club activities of Sri Lankan schools Eg. Scouting, Cricket and Baseball
Teacher: Ms. Anju Hewage
Students: Mr. Panthaka Mewan & Mr. W.A. Udan Chanthula

Please download the PDF file for more information:

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Visit JAGCE, The Japan Association for Global Competence Education: Visit Site

Announcement for JAGCE International Conference: Visit Site

The (JAGCE) International conference was very successful as it created an excellent platform for both Sri Lankan and Japanese students to learn from each other about different aspects of both countries such as culture, food, nature, tourist attractions, people, lifestyle, sports & education system. Many students and teachers representing leading schools in Sri Lanka appreciated LNBTI and organizers of JAGCE for this rare opportunity by sharing their sentiments in writing.

Compliments from Students and Teachers:

Student: Ms Imasha Senaratne: Holy Cross College
“Thank you so much for organizing and giving us a great opportunity. I was able to learn a lot of interesting things about Japan. Thank you so much to our professor Ananda and LNBTI for giving us this rare opportunity. Thank you to all our teachers and my friends for your support. Specially Thank you our teacher @Movini Sensei and Miss. Pavithra and Miss. Sameera”

Sensei: Ms. Dilani Ratnayake: Sirimavo Bandaranike Vidyalaya
“It’s a great opportunity for our school Sirimavo. Thank u very much LNBTI for linking us with Japan. we had a very ordinary life in this pandemic situation stuck in our home,but since a month and half, we started this program, with one aim in mind and student spent their time in a very useful activity. thank u very much to all the sons and daughters and my dear friends. hope to work again in the future.”

Student: Ms. Thushani Diwyanjali: Holy Cross College
“Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to take part in this international conference. I learned many things about japan.It was interesting to listen to speeches and presentations. Thank you, especially to our teacher Mrs. Methma for helping and guiding us during the preparation period. And thank you so much professor Ananda Kumara and LNBTI for giving us this great opportunity”

Sensei: Ms. Chamila Weerasiriwardene: Visakha Vidyalaya
“We would like to thank you for your continued support LNBTI for giving this rare opportunity for our school. And I am grateful to prof. Ananda Kumara.It means a lot to our students. A very big thank again for all who supported making this event a success”

Sensei: Ms. Nalika Vitharana: Royal College
“My heartfelt thanks for involving me and my school children in such a valuable conference. I hope that we will be able to hold such international conferences in the future as well and enhance the bilateral relationship between the two countries. Again, thank you very much LNBTI. Very proud of you”

Student: Ms. Amandi Mendries: Visakha Vidyalaya
“Thank You for giving us this great opportunity. We really enjoyed and learned a lot about Japan. Here’s Thank You Chamila Sensei & all other Senseis for your amazing support! It was really a nice experience working with y’all :)”

Student: Mr. Sahan Hiroshi: Royal College
“We are very grateful for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to exchange our culture with Japan and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Ananda Kumara,I am grateful to our teacher Mrs. Nalika for guide us.Thank you again and,

Sensei: Ms. Movini Methma: Holy Cross College
“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in this precious conference .Excellent session, very systematic, organized, insightful and inspirational. Enjoyed sharing our country’s natural beauty and heritage with Japanese people. The Japanese people were so interested in our country. They had so many questions about our country. Japanese people had put so many positive comments about Sri Lanka. This little work of our students make a good impact on Sri Lanka. And also we got a chance to meet so many fascinating, inspiring people who were all very open to sharing ideas.
By seeing the enthusiasm of Sri Lankan and Japanese students, I suggest to organise a Cultural Exchange Program in Sri Lanka , inviting Japanese Students to Sri Lanka. Finally this conference was one of the best working experiences I have had to this day.🌹”

Sensei: Ms. Anju Hewage: Ananda College
“Thank you so much prof. Ananda Kumara.This has given Ananda college students great opportunities and guidance in making great global citizens.
Also thank you my fellow teachers , daughters and sons for the commitment you have given.
We at Ananda college is looking forward to work with you once again.”

Student: Ms. Sanuki Kavinya: Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya
“I have honestly never participated to an International conference before, neither physical nor online. So this was a first class experience for me and I cant thank you enough for providing us this opportunity. My heartfelt gratitude to Professor Ananda Kumara , Dilani sensei and LNBTI It was the first time I ever interacted with foreign students and I learnt many things from them not just about Japan but also how to be forward and socialize. -Sanuki, Sirimavo Banaranaike Vidyalaya”

Student: Ms. Surani Lokuliyana: Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya
” This helped us to exchange our ideas with others & helped a lot to present our culture to foreign countries. We are thankful for giving this opportunity. Thank you for guiding us throughout this event. 😊”