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Feb 07, 2021

Japan Association for Global Competency Education


The (JAGCE) National Conference

The (JAGCE) National Conference was held on the 6th and 7th of February 2021, where students and parents alike from all walks of life, with a keenness to venture into the Japanese workforce were in attendance.

Amongst them, thirty (30) students and teachers of well renowned schools such as Ananda College Colombo, Royal College Colombo, Ferguson High School Ratnapura, Visaka Vidiyalaya Colombo, Sirimavo Bandaranayake Vidiyalaya Colombo and the Holy Cross College Gampaha received a unique opportunity to participate for this informative session online and listen to presentations of many university professors, researchers and university & high school students on “The new normal current educational situations and International exchanges in Asia-Pacific Regions and the impact of Covid-19 on International Student Mobility”. Our very own Sri Lankan students had the opportunity to interact with the presenters and demonstrated excellent Japanese language skills. The key members of the JAGCE delegation praised Sri-Lanka and were impressed with the participation and the language knowledgeability of the students who participated.

Professor Ananda Kumara, (Founder Dean, Faculty of Foreign Studies) Meijo University, created this unique opportunity, to showcase the talented young minds of Sri-Lanka to the rest of the world.

The (JAGCE) International Conference

The (JAGCE) International Conference will be held on the 6th & 7th of March 2021, where ten (10) students and teachers from five schools will be making presentations & showcasing videos. Following are some areas, students will present on:

Ø  About Sri Lanka (Climate, Natural beauty such as waterfalls, national parks, beaches etc., Tourists’ attraction and geographical Importance of Sri Lanka)

Ø  About Sri Lankan people and lifestyle (Greeting, Food varieties of Sri Lanka according to different provinces, religions, and due to multicultural and multi-national values, hospitality & attire

Ø  Education system in Sri Lankan (Educational structures, school uniforms, discipline & Scholarships

This platform will create an excellent opportunity for students who have enrolled to present their research in this international conference where they will be able to showcase our own Sri Lankan identity, culture & beliefs and also to connect with the wider world. It will promote cultural awareness and respectful interactions in an increasingly diverse world. Students will be able to meet fellow students from many participating countries and also to meet many leaders from diverse industries.

  1. Feb 7: As listeners on Feb 7, students/teachers from selected schools
  2. March 6 PM: As Speakers on March 6, students/teachers from selected schools
  3. March 13: 2 schools’ students/teachers from selected schools